Workshop for Women

Intro to Version Control and Git

Hi I'm Mac!


I write code, eat brunch, and binge TV shows.


What we will cover today

  • What is version control and why should we care?
  • Basics of git -- the essential commands
  • "Gitting" social with GitHub

What is version control?

...and why should we care?

"The management of changes to documents, computer programs, and other collections of information..."


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Save Versions!

Save Versions!

Save Versions!

See differences between versions!

Collaborate with others!


Distributed Source Control

Staging Area





The commands

git init

Turns a folder in to a local git repository.

git status

Shows us the staged and unstaged changes in our code.

git add filename.txt

Stages changes from a file so that they can be committed.

git commit -m "Add a first file!"

Takes all the staged changes and records them.

git log

Shows a list of all the commits.

git remote add origin git@github.com:mcelaney/railsbridge.git

Adds a remote repository to send code to

git push origin master

Pushes code to a remote repository

The End